Walnut leaves, brown

Juglans regia
popular feed exchange looks very nice antibacterial effect ideal for tanks with dwarf shrimp
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The hand-picked brown walnut leaves from the mixed forests of the northern black forest... more
GH-GOODSWalnut leaves, brown

The hand-picked brown walnut leaves from the mixed forests of the northern black forest represent a popular feed exchange for the shrimps. In addition, the walnut leaves offer a similar but weaker antibacterial effect, as is also known from Indian almond leaves.

Nano variant
The Walnut leaves of the NANO variant are a maximum of 5 cm in size and are therefore also perfect for use in very small aquariums.

Regulare variant
Here the Walnut leaves are between 5 and 10 cm in size regulary.

Our tip
At first, they will float, sometimes for a few days, before they sink.
You can accelerate this process by soaking the leaves in some boiling water or by stuffing them under a piece of driftwood.

If you have lots of leaves in your tank the pH may decrease a bit.
The leaves may stain the water with a yellow or brownish tint (but transparent). These effects will soon cease, though.



Country of origin

Every 1-2 weeks a leaf to about 20 liters. The old leaves can remain in the aquarium until they are completely devoured or decomposed. Dosage for the NANO variant 2 leaves per 20 liters.

The item is delivered in the reclosable zip pouch.

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Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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Customer evaluation
GH-GOODS :: Walnut leaves, brown
12 Sep 2021

Lieblingsgrünfutter meiner Bienengarnelen

1 Sep 2020

Good product ????

8 Feb 2020

Schöne Blätter. Gute Qualität.

10 Aug 2019

Meine Garnelen lieben diese Walnussblätter

29 Jul 2019

Sehr beliebt im Nano bei den Garnelen.

19 Jun 2018

Diesmal habe ich mehr bestellt weil meine Schnecken diese Blätter lieben. Von der Größe gut durchgemischt und gut verpackt. Danke!

9 Jun 2018


10 May 2018

Meine Tylos und Pianos lieben Walnussblätter. Die grünen noch mehr wie die braunen. Schöne große Blätter!

6 Feb 2018

Habe dieses mal auch grüne dazu bestellt, da ich diese noch nicht hatte. Und wer hätte es gedacht, meine Garnelen, liebe die. Werde ab jetzt sowohl braune, als auch grüne bestellen.

6 Feb 2018

Sehr gut. Gehen meine Garnelen sehr gern dran.

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