Mineral Junkie Bites

Complementary feed for Invertebrates
Mineral Food for Shrimp, Snails and Friends contains all essential minerals +herbal extracts prevents mineral-related deficiency phenomena avoids pitting damage in the Snail shells
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Mineral Junkie Bites  - Complementary Feed for Invertebrates - Minerals are vital for the... more
GlasGartenMineral Junkie Bites

Mineral Junkie Bites - Complementary Feed for Invertebrates - Minerals are vital for the inverts in our aquaria. They cannot be produced by the organism itself but need to be taken in with the food. You can provide your aquarium inverts with all the minerals they need with the Mineral Junkie Bites. These little sticks/bites contain inorganic minerals as well as minerals that are organically bound and prevent mineral deficiencies, which, in shrimp and other crustaceans, often cause molting problems, slow growth and a high mortality rate especially amongst the juveniles.

Snails can be given the Mineral Junkie Bites to prevent holes from forming in their shells. Snails also grow better when they are supplied with an ample amount of minerals, and their shells tend to be smoother and stronger.

An ample mineral supply is a crucial factor in breeding and keeping shrimp, crayfish, crabs and snails, they are addicted (in a figurative sense) to these substances. All inverts possess a so-called exoskeleton, an important part of which they build from minerals. However, this is not the only thing they need minerals for, they are also vital for many tasks of the organism, like the excitation of muscles and nerves. As we all know, the color cells of dwarf shrimp (the chromatophores) are connected to muscles. An optimal mineral supply may thus have a positive effect on the intensity of the species-specific colors. Many hormonal processes would also be impossible without the right minerals.

Besides minerals, the Mineral Junkie Bites contain ingredients of vegetable sources and herb extracts that are rich in beneficial phytochemicals, for agile and healthy inverts. We have kept the protein and fat content deliberately low to prevent an undue pollution of the water. The Mineral Junkie Bites are an ideal staple food for the summer or when you are away for the weekend.

Feeding recommendation for Shrimps, Crayfish, Crabs, Snails
Every 2 - 3 days or as needed as much as your pet eat within a few hours.

Minerals, Vegetable by-products, Cereals, Herbal exctracts

Analytical ingredients
4,04% crude protein, 0,62% crude fat, 0,68% raw fibre, 27,08% crude ash

Soft bites, approx. 5 - 10 mm

Made in Germany

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Manufacturer GlasGarten

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GlasGarten :: Mineral Junkie Bites
26 Customer reviews
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4 Sep 2022 • not verified


5 Aug 2022 • not verified

Darauf fliegen meine Garnelen. Allerdings haben wir auch sehr weiches Wasser. Da sie angenehm soft sind zerbrösele ich einen Teil. Dem Aquarium gefällt es.

19 Apr 2022 • not verified

Wird gerne angenommen von Garnelen und Schnecken

28 Feb 2022 • not verified

Produkt top,schnelle Lieferung weiter so.

14 Feb 2022 • not verified

Ein sicherlich tolles Produkt. Wir leisten bei unseren neuen Tieren noch Überzeugungsarbeit, denn es wird nicht groß angenommen. Der Kauf zu diesem Futter war unsere freie Entscheidung

4 Jan 2022 • not verified

Die Schnecken haben keine Gehäuseschäden mehr und die Garnelen fressen es auch

5 Jun 2021 • not verified

Bleibt lange Formstabil und die Tiere weiden es gelegentlich ab. Scheint seinen Zweck zu erfüllen.

17 May 2021 • not verified

Formstbil und doch echt weich. Garnelen fahren drauf ab sowie meine Posthornschnecken.

16 Apr 2021 • not verified

Ganz weiche bits,Geruch ganz angenehm, wie gesagt Verpackung ist einzigartig,mit Doppel Deckel.Ware bleibt lange zeit frisch.

27 Jan 2021 • not verified

Shrimps love it.

23 Dec 2020 • not verified

Креветкам нравится.

17 Oct 2020 • not verified

mögen sie zurzeit nicht

12 Oct 2020 • not verified

Tolles und Hochwertiges Produkt????

17 Jul 2020 • not verified


8 Feb 2020 • not verified


21 Jul 2019 • not verified

Essen die Garnelen gerne.

8 Apr 2019 • not verified

Meine Garnelen sind verrückt nach den Mineral Junkie Futter.

27 Mar 2019 • not verified

Already after a week I’ve noticed more shrimp molting.

9 Oct 2018 • not verified

Bei keinem anderen Futter habe ich jemals alle Garnelen und Schnecken auf einem Haufen gesehen! Einfach toll !!!!!!!

3 May 2018 • not verified

Sehr gut funktioniert super

31 Oct 2017 • not verified

no comment

12 Jun 2017 • not verified

Meine Nelchen und Perlhühner lieben sie! Scheint super zu schmecken!

13 May 2017 • not verified

Scheint den Garnelen wirklich zu schmecken, wenn man ihnen so zuschaut.

3 May 2017 • not verified

Ich habe heute 3.5.2017 die kostenlose Proben bekommen und sie gleich bei den Blue Dream Garnelen und Red Bee Garnelen ins Becken getan, sie sind super schnell darüber hergefallen!! Werde mir eine große Dose bestellen. Ich kann das Mineral besten weiterempfehlen!! Super vielen Dank.

28 Apr 2017 • not verified

Scheint voll lecker zu sein, da sich meine Amanos regelrecht drum streiten

25 Apr 2017 • not verified

Meine Schnecken und Nelen freuen sich schon drauf jedes mal

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