Plant Scissor Wave Cutter

Layout, maintenance and tools
perfect for ground-cover plants exact and simple cutting plants scissor made of stainless steel a scissor with a great handling
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The Aquarium Plant Scissor Wave Cutter is one of the most popular tools for aquascapers.... more
GlasGartenPlant Scissor Wave Cutter

The Aquarium Plant Scissor Wave Cutter is one of the most popular tools for aquascapers.

With this special wave form of the Wave Cutter plant scissor you can perfectly trim groundcover plants such as e.g. glossostigma, hemianthus or eleocharis. The blade is placed offset under the hand, which prevents the hand comes too close to sensitive hardscape or the plant carpet and thereby inadvertently plucking. It keeps automatically a certain safety distance, but can still lead the blade clean on the ground and cut the plants quite straight horizontal, which would not be possible with a "regular" scissors. Of course you can also cut all other plants with the Wave Cutter... it is the all-round talent for plant care in the aquarium, with which you can efficiently cut even large areas.

GlasGarten Tools

Our GlasGarten Tool series consists of scissors, tweezers and glass cleaners made of high quality stainless steel. They are therefore ideal for all work in the aquarium, even in continuous use.

Scissors, tweezers and glass cleaners are needed for every aquarium and are not only a great help for aquascaping. But especially for aquascaping, which often involves very detailed care, special forms of scissors and forceps have been developed to make this work easier. Having the tools right at your fingers makes it much more fun to set up and maintain your aquarium. We would like to offer you these tools with our GlasGarten Tool series and at the lowest possible price. Therefore, we do without a brand imprint, as well as a stylish packaging. These savings and our tight costing will have a direct impact on you, and you can also save money with our GlasGarten tools.

Each tool is quality controlled and will surely give you joy for many years.

Lenght of the cutting surface / blade
20 cm - Version: 7,0 cm
25 cm - Version: 7,5 cm

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Manufacturer GlasGarten

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Customer evaluation
GlasGarten :: Plant Scissor Wave Cutter
20 Apr 2021

Sehr gute Schere, günstiger als anderswo :)

8 Oct 2020

Sehr scharf und handlich ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

30 Aug 2020

Genau das was mir noch fehlte.

13 Aug 2020

Gute Qualität, liegt gut in der Hand.

26 Apr 2020


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