ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set M

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Ready-to-connect CO2 fertilizer system very high quality workmanship easy to install optimal supply for aquarium plants

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The ready-to-connect CO2 fertilizer system JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set M with solenoid valve... more
JBLProFlora CO2 Advanced Set M

The ready-to-connect CO2 fertilizer system JBL ProFlora CO2 Advanced Set M with solenoid valve for night shutdown for the optimal supply of all aquarium plants in freshwater aquariums from 40 to 600 l and thus prevents algae.

Easy construction:
Screw the pressure reducer with the attached solenoid valve onto the bottle, connect the hose with the bubble counter / non-return valve and the reactor. Put the solenoid valve in the timer (not included), set the number of bubbles - done

The reusable CO2 storage bottle is TÜV-tested. The hose screw connection prevents the hose from slipping and the non-return valve prevents water from entering the bottle. The two pressure gauges show cylinder and working pressure.

The correct CO2 concentration in the aquarium water is checked via the display of the CO2 / pH permanent test contained and readjusted if necessary.

Food for aquarium plants:
Plants supply the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium inhabitants, prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, offer hiding places and reduce germs. The JBL plant fertilizer system supplies the plants with the main nutrient CO2 via the water. The plants absorb this and convert it into sugar and oxygen in photosynthesis with the help of light.

The system is completely ready for connection. Screw the pressure reducer onto the CO2 storage bottle and connect it to the bubble counter (including backflow protection) with a hose and then to the reactor in the aquarium. In this way, CO2 gets into the aquarium and is dissolved in the water with the help of the reactor. The CO2 supply can be interrupted at night by the interposed solenoid valve (night shutdown). The CO2 / pH permanent test shows the amount of CO2 dissolved in the water permanently and can then be readjusted if necessary.

The storage bottle is TÜV tested. No water can enter the bottle through the check valve. The range of a CO₂ system depends on various factors. The decisive factor is the carbonate hardness, the number and type of plants and the strength of the water surface movement. A 500 g bottle that is not switched off at night by a solenoid valve lasts about 4 months with the basic adjustment. The returnable bottles can be refilled in specialist shops.

Conversion from disposable to reusable bottles and vice versa:
All JBL CO2 compressed gas cylinder systems are compatible with each other. With the reusable system (M system), the union nut of the pressure reducer can simply be unscrewed with an Allen key. Then the pressure reducer fits on the U-system (one-way bottles).

Scope of delivery:
500 g reusable CO2 bottle & holder, pressure reducer + solenoid valve, 3 m hose, bubble counter with check valve, TAIFUN CO2 reactor + extension set, CO2 / pH long-term test with reagents, 2x plant fertilizer 100 ml, 1x daily fertilizer 10 ml

Article information
Manufacturer JBL
Article number GH-2001659
EAN number 4014162646217
Shipping weight 6 kg

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