ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced

for one-way and returnable bottles very high quality workmanship shows work and tank pressure reliable sealing washer instead of an O-ring

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The JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced reduces the cylinder pressure from approx. 60 bar... more
JBLProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced

The JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced reduces the cylinder pressure from approx. 60 bar (displayed on manometer 1) to 1.5 bar working pressure (displayed on manometer 2) so that the CO2 supply can be easily regulated.

Simply screw the pressure reducer onto the CO2 pressurized gas cylinder and regulate the amount of CO2 added using the fine needle valve.

The JBL ProFlora CO2 Regulator Advanced fits both disposable CO2 bottles (U system) and returnable bottles (M system). By unscrewing the knurled nut (W21.8x1 / 14) using an Allen key, the pressure reducer fits onto the M10x1 thread of the disposable bottles.

Very high quality design:
Anodized aluminum, precisely CNC milled in titanium color, quiet solenoid valve. Reliable sealing washer instead of an O-ring

Easy installation:
Screw the fitting onto the reusable CO2 bottle or the disposable CO2 bottle. Connect the hose connection through a hose with a base counter / non-return valve and then the diffuser / reactor in the aquarium. Set the number of CO2 bubbles on the fine needle valve. The CO2 permanent test provides feedback as to whether the amount of CO2 added is correct.

Can be easily converted to a disposable bottle system by unscrewing the knurled union nut using an Allen key.

Function of the pressure reducer:
In order to reduce the pressure from the pressurized gas cylinder, a pressure reducer is screwed on. It reduces the 50-60 bar cylinder pressure to a working pressure of approx. 1.5 bar. This 1.5 bar is then dosed with a small hand wheel (fine needle valve) so precisely that individual CO2 bubbles can be seen and counted in the connected bubble counter. The cylinder pressure and the working pressure are displayed on manometers with this pressure reducer. Strictly speaking, these displays are not absolutely necessary, as the cylinder pressure does not decrease slowly as with diving cylinders with compressed air and you would be warned when the cylinder is running low. Instead, the pressure stays at its maximum pressure and then drops to zero in no time. So there is unfortunately no slow decrease in the bottle filling pressure. The working pressure would only be important if it had to be adjusted. Normally, however, this is not necessary.

Scope of delivery:
CO2 pressure reducer with 2 manometers (for working pressure & cylinder pressure) for reusable cylinders and screw-off adapter - then suitable for CO2 disposable cylinders

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Manufacturer JBL
Article number GH-2001656
EAN number 4014162646712
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