ProScape PlantSoil BROWN, 3 l

Substrate, Soil
with nutrients for planted tanks for a slightly acidic pH and a low carbonate hardness (KH) coarse grain for increased oxygen levels in the ground also available in beige

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JBL ProScape PlantSoil BROWN substrate (soil) with nutrients for planted tanks. JBL ProScape... more
JBLProScape PlantSoil BROWN, 3 l

JBL ProScape PlantSoil BROWN substrate (soil) with nutrients for planted tanks.

JBL ProScape PlantSoil is an ideal substrate for planted tanks (aquascapes), as it removes the carbonate hardness from the water and adjusts the pH to a slightly acidic level. PlantSoil is optimal for the long-term cultivation of most aquatic plants.

• creates ideal water parameters for most aquarium plants (slightly acidic and with a low carbonate hardness)
• as it softens the water this substrate is ideal for cultivating aquatic plants
• its coarse grain guarantees an optimal oxygen level and water circulation in the ground

JBL recommends the use of Volcano Mineral as lowermost layer, with a thickness of around 2-4 cm, as a basis, which is then covered by the JBL ProScape PlantSoil of your choice.

Do NOT rinse before use to avoid removing important nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

Please note
After around six months, JBL ProScape Soil loses its softening, acidifying properties as its exchanging capacity is then exhausted. From then on it will just work like any neutral substrate, and you'll have to consider other methods for adjusting the pH of your water at a slightly acidic level (mixing tap and RO water, or adding CO2). One of the most prominent advantages of JBL ProScape Soils is the stability of their grains, which is due to a special method of double firing. Even after four months in the tank, this soil will not get muddy.

Color: brown
Content: 3 litres

Article information
Manufacturer JBL
Article number 6708000
EAN number 4014162670809
Content 3 l
Shipping weight 3,1 kg

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