ProTemp Cooler x200 - cooling fan

Cooling fan/aquarium cooler
reduces the water temperature by 2 - 4 °C easily mounted on the edge of the tank cylinder fan wheel and protective grid suitable for freshwater and marine tanks

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The JBL ProTemp Cooler x200  is a cooling fan that lowers the water temperature in the... more
JBLProTemp Cooler x200 - cooling fan

The JBL ProTemp Cooler x200 is a cooling fan that lowers the water temperature in the aquarium easily and efficiently.

When aquarium water evaporates, the water cools down. This phenomenon is called "evaporative heat loss". A cooling fan makes use of this mechanism. Many freshwater fish and plants cannot stand temperatures of over 30 °C, and even temps of 27 - 30 °C put some aquarium inhabitants under enormous stress. Cooling the water is a must during hot summers.

The fans of the JBL ProTemp Cooler x200 direct an air flow along the water surface that increases evaporation. Of course, evaporated water needs to be replaced! As only pure water (H2O) evaporates, all the hardness-building minerals dissolved in the water remain in the tank, and the water gets harder and harder by and by. For topping off your tank, please use very soft water (RO water or demineralized water).

Technical data
• reduces the aquarium temperature by 2 - 4 °C, making use of the evaporative heat loss
• cooling fan with modern cross-flow fan and broad air flow for aquariums
• easy to mount on the aquarium edge with max. thickness of 20 mm
• Air flow direction freely selectable and casing on mount rotatable by 360°
• 12 V, 3 W low voltage and universal power supply unit for all supply voltages
• Power supply with 150 cm cable to the cooling fan
• Cylinder fan wheel 10,0 cm width
• Dimension: 180 x 60 x 60 mm
• suitable for Aquarium Tanks of approx. 60 - 200 liters
• the temperature can be controlled with the optional JBL CoolControl Thermostat
• suitable for freshwater and marine tanks

Article information
Manufacturer JBL
Article number GH-2001541
EAN number 4014162604460
Shipping weight 0,6 kg

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