Symec Filter fleece

Filter medium
filter fleece for any filter catches tiny dirt particles 100% synthetic filter fleece for freshwater and marine tanks
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The JBL Symec Filter Fleece  for Aquarium Filter fits into any filter. It catches tiny... more
JBLSymec Filter fleece

The JBL Symec Filter Fleece for Aquarium Filter fits into any filter. It catches tiny dirt particles and provides the filter bacteria with sufficient room for colonization.

Filter materials serve various purposes: They are intended to filter suspended matter out of the water (mechanical filtration), they are intended to provide habitat for pollutant-degrading bacteria (biological filtration) or they are intended to remove harmful substances from the water (chemical/absorbent filter materials). Of course, mechanical filter media also become biological filter materials after a certain time.

In the aquarium filter, filtering should always be done from coarse to fine, as fine filter material clogs up too quickly at the beginning.

Filter cotton should be used as the last filter material in external filters so that it does not become dirty too quickly. Filter cotton can only be used as the first medium in multi-chamber biofilters, as it is visible there and can be replaced in just a few minutes. Filter cotton cannot simply be washed out and should always be replaced when cleaning the filter.

  • quick removal of all cloudiness in freshwater and saltwater aquariums: Quality filter cotton for use in the aquarium filter
  • easy to use: Any amount of cotton (suitable for all filters). Insert as the last filter stage. Replacement necessary when water flow rate drops.
  • crystal clear water: filtering of all types of turbidity and particles. Can be washed out - but replacement is recommended
  • no release of pollutants and fibers - fully synthetic, residue-free filter cotton
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JBL :: Symec Filter fleece
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