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HMF Inner Filter, height 27 cm, size S

HMF Aquarium Filter
Mobile Hamburger Mat Filter for tank height of about 30 cm Base area of 7.5 x 7.5 cm color and pore size selectable

Stand plate

Filter sponge

Air Lifter

HMF Lifter: 16 / 160 mm

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The JAC Mobil HMF filters, height 27 cm, size S (here: for an aquarium height of about 30 cm)... more
Jonnys Air ConceptHMF Inner Filter, height 27 cm, size S

The JAC Mobil HMF filters, height 27 cm, size S (here: for an aquarium height of about 30 cm) are a complete filter solution with filter foam, air lift and active bottom plate for your aquarium ... a so-called Hamburg mat filter.

Due to the very high colonization area for bacteria and micro-organisms of the JAC Mobil HMF filter an extremely high biological filtration in the aquarium is given, whereby the JAC HMF (Hamburger Mat Filter) mobile filters are exclusively equipped with German brand foam and the air lifting risers, as well as the bottom plates (out PVC-U) can also be used in the drinking water industry. Thus, the JAC Mobil HMF filters are free of toxins which may be released to the water in no-name products or low-cost imports from Asia and cause considerable damage to e.g. Shrimp or fish. With the JAC Mobil HMF air lift filter you realize an optimal filtration in the aquarium and thus a top water quality.

JAC Mobile HMF in premium quality for small aquariums of approx. 30 cm in height, output max. 165 l / h. German quality product.

Mobile Hamburger Mat Filters are compressed air operated, biologically working internal filter for aquariums. To operate a diaphragm or piston pump for compressed air generation is necessary, which is connected by means of an air hose (4 / 6mm) with the filter. The regulation is provided by an enclosed air cock, with which the air pressure and thus the flow speed of the mobile HMF is regulated.

Hamburger mat filters work very effectively and energy-saving after a running-in period in which the pollutant-degrading microorganisms settle in the sponge filter cartridge. They are equipped with the powerful JAC air lifters, which are free of adhesives and gaskets thanks to the plug-in system. They are easy to clean, run wear-free and quiet and are completely free of harmful plasticisers through the use of PVC. Made in Germany.

The JAC Mobil HMF filter for aquarium height of approx. 30 cm consists of:
- an active bottom plate with clamps
- filter sponge (blue or black, fine - 45 ppi or medium - 30 ppi)
- a riser tube / air lifter tube

Base plate (Stand): 7,5 x 7,5 cm
Filter sponge: 7,5 x 7,5 x 22 cm (D x W x H)
Lifter tube: ø16 mm, 160 mm height

Suitable for ...
- Water movement and oxygenation e.g. in breeding tanks
- biological filtration in freshwater aquarium
- for small aquariums with about 30 cm height

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