Oxydator A, for aquariums up to 400 l

Oxygen supply
for an optimal oxygen level completely silent (noiseless) does not require electricity for aquariums with a volume of up to 400 l

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For shrimpkeeing, an optimal oxygen supply is crucial. The Söchting Oxydator enriches... more
SöchtingOxydator A, for aquariums up to 400 l

For shrimpkeeing, an optimal oxygen supply is crucial.

The Söchting Oxydator enriches the water with oxygen with the help of a catalyst and a hydrogen peroxide solution. Other than an air pump, the Oxydator does not drive out carbon dioxide (CO2), which is vital for the plants. A decrease in CO2 is always followed by an increase of the pH value. Söchting Oxydators guarantee a maximal oxygen saturation of the water whilst the pH remains stable, and as the Oxydator is placed on the bottom of the tank, the oxygen is supplied exactly in the place where it is needed the most ... without stirring up muck or detritus.

The operating time and the amount of oxygen given off by the Söchting Oxydator A depend on the water temperature, the number of catalyst stones you use and the concentration of the oxydator solution. At a temperature of 25 °C in a 200 l tank, the Söchting Oxydator A will give off oxygen for a period of 2 - 8 weeks when equipped with one catalyst stone and filled with a 6% solution (please order separately). For a tank with a volume of 400 litres and the same conditions, you'll need two catalyst stones.

The amount of oxygen that is given off depends on the water temperature. The higher the temperature, the more oxygen is produced, the lower the temperature, the smaller the amount of oxygen. Thanks to this phenomenon, your aquarium is always provided with the ideal amount of oxygen. The operating time of the Oxydator shortens or extends accordingly.

The Söchting Oxydator A is the optimal choice for tanks with a volume of up to 400 l.

Please note
Especially in aquaria that have been running for a longer time, the CO2 content of the water may increase significantly when the Oxydator is first used, as the active oxygen reacts with the carbon in organic rests (food, dead plant parts, excrements etc.), which produces CO2. If you have an additional CO2 injection system in your tank, please monitor the CO2 content of your water and switch off the additional CO2 supply, if necessary.

For aquaria with a volume of up to 400 litres
Does not require electricity
Completely noiseless

Diameter: 8.5 cm
Height: 9.5 cm


  • 1x Oxydator A
  • 2x catalyst stones
  • instructions of use (» PDF download)

Available separately
3 or 6% Oxydator solution

Overview - Söchting Oxydators

  Oxydator Mini Oxydator D Oxydator A
diameter 4 cm 8,5 cm 8,5 cm
total height 6 cm 9,5 cm 17 cm
for aquaria with a volume of up to 30/60 litres up to 100 litres up to 400 litres
filling capacity, included 150 ml, 4,9%
Oxydator solution
Oxydator solution
Oxydator solution
operating time approx. 4 weeks at 25°C approx. 2-4 weeks at 25°C approx. 2-8 weeks at 25°C
Article information
Manufacturer Söchting
Article number S-0400
EAN number 4019056825501
Shipping weight 1,1 kg

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Söchting :: Oxydator A, for aquariums up to 400 l
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