Oxydator Mini, for aquaria up to 60 l

Oxygen supply
for optimal oxygen level completely silent (noiseless) does not require electricity for aquariums up to 60 l

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An optimal oxygen supply in the aquarium is crucial for keeping shrimps etc. The Söchting... more
SöchtingOxydator Mini, for aquaria up to 60 l

An optimal oxygen supply in the aquarium is crucial for keeping shrimps etc.

The Söchting Oxydator Mini enriches the water with oxygen using a catalyst and a hydrogen peroxide solution. In comparison to using a commercially available air diaphragm pump, no carbon dioxide (CO2), which is essential for plants, is expelled. A reduction in CO2 always results in an increase in the pH value. The Söchting Oxydators ensure maximum oxygen saturation at a stable pH value and since the oxidizer is placed on the bottom of the pool, the oxygen reaches exactly the places where it is needed... mulm, for example, is not stirred up.

The operating time and oxygen dosage of the Söchting Oxydator Mini depend on the water temperature, the amount of catalysts used and the concentration of the oxidizer solution. At 25° C. e.g. for example, the Söchting Oxydator Mini releases oxygen for approx. 4 weeks if it is equipped with a catalyst and the 4.9% solution supplied. When using two catalytic converters, the operating time is reduced to approx. 2 weeks, but twice the amount of oxygen is released.

The filling level of the Söchting Oxydator Mini can be monitored at any time through the glass bottle.
Special feature: The amount of oxygen released depends on the temperature of the water. The higher the temperature, the more oxygen is released; the lower the temperature, the less oxygen is released. This always results in optimal oxygen enrichment. The operating time of a filling decreases or increases accordingly.

The Söchting Oxydator Mini can be used with one catalyst for pools up to 30 l, and with two catalysts for pools up to 60 l.

Especially in aquariums that have been running for a long time, the CO2 content in the water can initially be significantly increased by using the oxidizer again, as the activated oxygen causes the carbon in organic residues (food, plant parts, feces, etc.) to oxidize to CO2. When adding additional CO2, please pay attention to whether the CO2 content in the aquarium increases and, if necessary, switch off the CO2 supply initially.

Sufficient for aquariums up to 60 liters
Operation without power supply
Works completely silently

1x Oxidizer Mini
2x 82.5 ml oxidizer solution 4.9%
2x catalysts
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Manufacturer Söchting
Article number GH-2001769
EAN number 4019056825204
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Söchting :: Oxydator Mini, for aquaria up to 60 l
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13 Apr 2022 • not verified

Tut was es soll

8 Mar 2022 • not verified

macht was es soll

17 Nov 2020 • not verified

Funktioniert gut.

24 Oct 2020 • not verified

Klein, praktisch und funktional

25 Jun 2018 • not verified

Perfekt für kleine Aquarien, für mein 28l Becken reicht ein Catalysato

3 May 2018 • not verified

Sehr gut funktioniert super

21 Jun 2017 • not verified

Super Teil . Meine nelchen sind viel fitter!!
Werde ihn noch mal für ein anderes Becken bestellen !!

20 Mar 2017 • not verified

Leicht zu handhaben. Halt was es verspricht. Und man kann alles auch einzelnt nach kaufen

1 Apr 2016 • not verified

Ein must have in jeden Garnelen Aquarium. Die zwei mitgelieferten Nachfüllflaschen reichen bei eingelaufener Zeit ca. etwas über einen Monat. Eine Füllung reicht etwas über eine Woche (fülle sie beim WW immer mit nach und unterhalb der Verjüngung)

9 Mar 2016 • not verified

Mittlerweile habe ich alle meine Becken mit einem Oxydator ausgestattet.
Tolles kleines Ding, meinen Garnelen tut es gut. Und leicht in der Handhabung.

26 Apr 2014 • not verified

Ich habe meine Becken alle nachgerüstet mit dem Oxydator, seit dem sind meine Garnelen noch lebendiger als vorher. Man könnte meinen sie haben zuvor an Sauerstoffmangel gelitten.

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