Aquarium Soil, 9 liters

Aquarium Soil, 9 liters

for planted tanks and shrimp aquaria guarantees good plant growth enhances red hues in aquatic plants grain of 2 - 3 mm

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Tropica Aquarium Soil guarantees good and active plant growth and is especially beneficial for... more
TropicaAquarium Soil, 9 liters
Tropica Aquarium Soil guarantees good and active plant growth and is especially beneficial for the formation of red hues in your plants.

Aquarium Soil by Tropica is a soil (substrate) that can be used without any other substrate additives. Aquarium Soil is an active substrate that lowers the pH and has a slight influence on the water chemistry. For this reason, Tropica recommends at least two water changes of 25 to 50 % per week during the first four weeks after the aquarium is set up.

Aquarium Soil is especially suitable for planted aquaria (aquascapes). The relatively fine grain of 2 to 3 mm makes planting easy, and the plants take root in the substrate very fast and grow new roots in a short time.

Also great for the use in shrimp tanks
Its pH lowering properties make Tropica Aquarium Soil a great substrate for keeping and breeding shrimp that need soft water, like Bee shrimp for example.

Color: black-grey
Grain: 2 - 3 mm
Content: 9 liters

Please note
- Suitable for freshwater aquaria, paludaria, riparia and tropical terraria
- Not suitable for bottom feeders that rummage around in the substrate (like Cory catfish)
- Do not rinse before use
- In our opinion, its small grain makes it not really suitable for the use with undergravel filters
Article information
Manufacturer Tropica
Article number TRO-AS-9
EAN number 5703249711007
Content 9 l
Shipping weight 9,2 kg

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