Eleocharis acicularis "Mini" 1-2-Grow!

Dwarf Hairgrass, inVitro
ideal ground covering plant stays very small undemanding free from snails and algae

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The 1-2 Grow! plants from Tropica come directly from the lab, and they are free from algae,... more
TropicaEleocharis acicularis "Mini" 1-2-Grow!
The 1-2 Grow! plants from Tropica come directly from the lab, and they are free from algae, snails and toxic substances, which makes them ideal for shrimp and sensitive fish.
They can be put directly into a shrimp tank when the (unproblematic) nutrient solution has been rinsed off. There is no more need to quarantine them beforehand.

These plants are already cultivated in their submersed form in the sealed pot (in contrast to most traditionally-produced plants, which are grown above the waterline in aquatic plant nurseries), and when planted into an aquarium, there is no need for them to shed their air leaves and sprout underwater leaves ... therefore, inVitro plants are off to a good start in a tank and will take root very quickly.

Eleocharis acicularis "mini"

Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini' only grows to  3-5 cm in height, it stays even smaller than Eleocharis parvula. Divide into small tufts and plant them in the area you want covered. There these tufts will grow into a dense, beautiful lawn. This plant needs high light, but it is still a good choice for the foreground of the aquarium, as it is robust, easy to care for and needs to be trimmed only very rarely. 

Type: ground covering plant

Origins: cultivar

Growth: slow

Height: approx. 3 -5 cm

Light: medium

CO2 demand: medium

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Manufacturer Tropica
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Customer evaluation
Tropica :: Eleocharis acicularis "Mini" 1-2-Grow!
28 Aug 2021

Gute Qualität.

30 Mar 2020

Meine garnelen finden es prima und die jung tiere grabeln gern drin rum

12 Mar 2020

Sehr schöne Pflanze. Becher ist sehr ergiebig. Noch sind die Pflanzen winzig und bin sehr gespannt wie es wächst.

5 Dec 2019

Sehr schöne Pflanzen.

26 Aug 2019

Herrlicher Teppich. Wenns nicht grad Unterwasser wäre, würde ich mich am liebsten mal entspannt drauflegen.

26 Dec 2018


11 Nov 2018

Sehr schöne Pflanze ohne co2 läuft sie auch

7 Nov 2018

Hat einen Versand über 5 Tage bei Temperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt schadlos überstanden.
Sieht toll aus, wurzelt schnell, ein guter Blickfang für den Vordergrund,
wobei Garnelen natürlich nicht so darauf stehen, weil die Oberfläche zum abweiden klein ist,
aber dafür kann man ja zusätzlich Moose einsetzen.
Problemlose Pflanze mit toller Optik!

4 Sep 2018

Super Ware

28 Mar 2017

Прошло две недели с запуска и пока растение приживается. Мне нравится, думаю на питательном грунте скоро будет коврик)

20 Dec 2016

Easy to plant. Use is has ground cover. It needs moderate light and grous fast. You can separate in several small pieces for better ground covering.

30 Dec 2015

Hammer Optik im Becken, kann ich nur weiter empfehlen!

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