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Waterplant Fertilizer
contains iron, manganese and micronutrients comes without nitrogen and phosphorus perfect for slow-growing plants especially tanks with many fish
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The Tropica Premium Nutrition aquatic plant fertilizer without nitrogen and phosphorus is best... more
TropicaPremium Nutrition

The Tropica Premium Nutrition aquatic plant fertilizer without nitrogen and phosphorus is best suited for an aquarium with many fish and relatively slow-growing aquarium plants. The Tropica PLANT CARE Premium Nutrition contains iron, manganese and important micronutrients, which are usually insufficient in an aquarium with many fish. Not available in Tropica Premium Nutrition, however, is nitrogen and phosphorus... these substances are usually already sufficient by the feeding and excretions of fish in the aquarium available.

With the practical dosing pump on the Tropica Premium Nutrition bottle, the desired amount of liquid water plant fertilizer can be dosed quickly and easily. The dosages recommended by Tropica ensure good plant growth in your aquarium.

The Tropica Premium Nutrition Fertilizer should be added every week in conjunction with the water change, with Tropica recommending a dosage of 6 ml (3 times) to 50 liters of water, but advising that the aquatic plants in the aquarium should be considered - yellowish leaves at the plants are usually a sign of nutrient deficiency, for example.

It is recommended that minimum 25% of the aquarium water is changed every second week. If undesirable algae growth does occur, then we recommend increasing water change frequency (up to 50%) and planting additional rapid growth waterplants such as Hygrophila, Vallisneria and Egeria.


Aquarium size
in liters
per week
(1 pump = 2 ml)
Life time
in weeks
125 ml Bottle
Life time
in weeks
300 ml Bottle
20 1 60 150
50 3 20 50
100 5 13 30
250 12 5 12
1 pump corresponds to approx. 2 ml

Life time
125 ml - Bottle is sufficient for about 1.000 l of Aquarium water
300 ml - Bottle is sufficient for about 1.000 l of Aquarium water

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Manufacturer Tropica

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Tropica :: Premium Nutrition
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16 Aug 2021 • not verified

Ein Dünger der wirklich nur Pflanzenwuchs fördert, ohne Algenbildung oder Nachteile für die Aquarienbewohner. Es wurde in einem 60l Becken mit Schnecken und Garnelen benutzt und in einem 240l mit Fisch- und Schneckenbesatz.

27 Jul 2019 • not verified

Für mich ein guter volldünger

25 Jun 2018 • not verified

Super Dünger für die auf Nitrit/Po4 verzichten wollen

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