Yotta Plus

Sterilizer against fish diseases
new type series 2 perfect for weak species or fish collected in nature also for the prevention of fish diseases fully automated, computer-controlled

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The Twinstar Yotta Plus is a sterilizer for the prevention of fish diseases in freshwater tanks.... more
TwinstarYotta Plus

The Twinstar Yotta Plus is a sterilizer for the prevention of fish diseases in freshwater tanks. It consists of a computer-controlled unit and an electrode that is installed inside the aquarium, and it protect your fish from bacterial and fungal pathogens like:

• Saprolegniasis
• Aeromonas hydrophila
• Costia
• Edwardsiellosis
• and others

Moreover, the Twinstar makes the water much clearer, improves plant growth and increases the overall vitality of the aquarium inhabitants.

The Twinstar Yotta Plus is especially suitable for newly stocked aquaria, for quarantine tanks and when new fish are added to an existing population. The complex algorithm of the control unit automatically adapts to the aquarium and becomes active at different intervals.

With three modes for different tank sizes.
The Twinstar Yotta Plus is absolutely harmless for aquarium inhabitants, aquatic plants and sessile bacteria in the filter and the substrate.

Recommended for tank sizes of approx. 50 - 100 litres in mode 1
Recommended for tank sizes of approx. 100 - 200 litres in mode 2
Recommended for tank sizes of approx. 200 - 430 litres in mode 3

• Twinstar
• reactor (with holder and suction cup)
• connecting cable
• power supply unit
• with German and English instructions of use

Technical details
Voltage: 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Operating voltage: 15 V

Overview over the different Twinstar types

of fish
of shrimp
M3 X     20-50 l
M5 X     20-120 l
Nano X     50-200 l
Nano+ X     50-430 l
S3   X   20-50 l
S5   X   20-120 l
Yotta   X   50-200 l
Yotta+   X   50-430 l
Shrimp 30     X 20-50 l
Shrimp 50     X 40-120 l
Shrimp     X 40-180 l
Article information
Manufacturer Twinstar
Article number TS2-7020-YP
EAN number 8809417578117
Shipping weight 0,6 kg

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Twinstar :: Yotta Plus
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5 Apr 2023 • not verified

Sehr schneller Versand. Einfache Installation. Das Gerät macht was es soll. Ca. alle 15 Minuten schaltet der Reaktor bei mir ( 240 Liter ) ein und erzeugt einen Wassernebel der auch optisch sehr gut ins Becken passt. Über die Langzeitwirkung kann ich z. Zt. noch nichts sagen. Der Preis könnte zwar etwas niedriger sein aber wenn es hilft bezahlt man das gerne.

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