GH-GOODS - CO2 - Permanent Test / Long-Term Test, Glass Sphere (Dropchecker)

CO2 - Permanent Test, glass ball (Dropchecker)

CO2 Permanent Test
reliable CO2 control for Aquaria change in color shows CO2 value including transparent suction cup appealing spherical shape

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The GH-GOODS CO2 - Permanant Test (drop checker) is a glass-made long-term CO2 test in... more
GH-GOODSCO2 - Permanent Test, glass ball (Dropchecker)

The GH-GOODS CO2 - Permanant Test (drop checker) is a glass-made long-term CO2 test in spherical form..

What is an endurance test and why is it so important?
With a CO2 long-term test, you can determine the CO2 value in your aquarium and thus achieve an optimal value for your plants and fish. There are long-term tests made of different materials and in a wide variety of forms.

The GH-GOODS CO2 - Permanant Test made of glass is attached to the aquarium using a suction cup. Filled with a reactive test solution, changes in color show you whether the CO2 value in the aquarium water is OK, whether there is oversaturation or even a deficiency.

Note: The long-term test is supplied WITHOUT a test solution.
We offer two corresponding test solutions (see accessories below)
• Test solution calibrated for 20 mg CO2 per liter
• Test solution calibrated for 30 mg CO2 per liter

The GH-GOODS CO2 - Permanant Test is suitable for almost all aquariums.

The glass ball has an approximate diameter of Ø 35 mm and is about 50 mm long from the outer wall to the suction cup.

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