Undergravel filter (air-driven)
Aquarium filter
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) in 4 verschiedenen Größen
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - Bodenplatten
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - Teleskop-Steigrohr
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - inkl. Luft-Sprudelstein
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - 8P
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - 12P
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - 16P
GH-GOODS - Bodenfilter (luftbetrieben) - 32P

Undergravel filter (air-driven)

Aquarium filter
Filter with plug-in system incl. 1 telescopic riser perfect for Soil substrate available in 4 different sizes
Available variants
8P (8 grid plates)
5.95 €
12P (12 grid plates)
6.95 €
16P (16 grid plates)
7.95 €
32P (32 grid plates)
9.95 €

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Air powered Undergravel filter with 1 telescopic tube, infinitely adjustable from 33 to 55 cm... more
GH-GOODSUndergravel filter (air-driven)

Air powered Undergravel filter with 1 telescopic tube, infinitely adjustable from 33 to 55 cm (can be shortened by simply sawing off). In the telescopic tube is an integrated bubble stone / air stone. The individual basic elements of the Undergravel filter are variably stuck together and each measure 14 x 7 cm. The filter slots are 2 mm wide and the height of the floor elements is 12 mm.

Through a Undergravel filter, the entire ground becomes a biologically active filter surface.

Undergravel filters are very suitable for the keeping and breeding of shrimps, as the resulting pollutants are sucked down through excreta and leftovers and a high enrichment of oxygen is guaranteed. For the keeping and breeding of Bee shrimp, a Undergravel filter is especially recommended in combination with the substrate of Shirakura Red Bee Sand. This is, among other positive properties, by its highly porous structure an ideal filter medium for the settlement of cleaning microorganisms and in use with Undergravel filters to achieve maximum efficiency.

For the operation of a Undergravel filter, an air pump and possibly an air hose as an extension is optionally required.

Grid plates: 14 x 7 cm
Filter slots: 2 mm
Outer dimensions inner telescopic tube: 19 mm
Outer dimensions outer telescopic tube: 22 mm
Telescopic tube extendable: 33 - 55 cm
Number of Telescopic tube: 1 pcs.
Number of grid plates: 8, 12, 16 oder 32 Stück (selectable)
incl. Air Stone

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Manufacturer GH-GOODS

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GH-GOODS :: Undergravel filter (air-driven)
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