Seachem Purigen, 250 ml

Purigen, 250 ml

Water conditioner
sufficient for 1000 litres against yellowish stained water for crystal-clear water easy to regenerate

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Purigen is a highly efficient synthetic adsorptive resin that is uparalleled by other filter... more
SeachemPurigen, 250 ml

Purigen is a highly efficient synthetic adsorptive resin that is uparalleled by other filter media. Purigen does not contain ion exchangers but consists of a special synthetic polymer with large pores that removes soluble and insoluble dirt from the aquarium water quickly and efficiently. Purigen has over 500% of the capacity and the absorption speed of other filter media.

Purigen removes proteins, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate, organic nitrogen compounds and other organic substances without notably influencing the necessary trace elements. The redox potential of the aquarium water increases significantly, and the water becomes crystal-clear. When in use, Purigen turns darker, but it can easily be regenerated with household bleach. Purigen is suitable for freshwater and marine aquaria.

• turns the water crystal-clear
• removes the yellowish stain e.g. caused by driftwod
• can be regenerated many times
• suitable for freshwater and marine aquaria

Rinse before use.
Use a fine-meshed filter bag (available separately, e.g. for placing in an external filter).
250 ml of Purigen are, depending on the organic load of the water, sufficient for up to 1,000 litres of aquarium water and will be effectve for up to six months. When the adsorptive capacity of the material is reached you can see a distinctive discoloration to dark brown or black.

250 ml (sufficient for around 1000 litres)
Reclosable can with screw-on lid

The manufacturer recommends an 8.25% household chlorine bleach (without fragrances) for treatment. This should be diluted 1:1 with water. However, common chlorine bleaches on the (german) market often only have a concentration of 5% and you can use the low-concentration bleaches undiluted or only slightly diluted.
The (optional available) filter bag from Seachem is chlorine-proof and you can put it in the bath for regeneration. The Purigen should then remain in the Regeneratiosbad for about 24 hours (after 12 hours, turn the bag over so that the bleach can work in all places). The regeneration is complete when the Purigen returns to its original white color.

Safety note: When working with chlorine bleach, gloves and goggles should always be worn and adequate ventilation should be provided.

After regeneration, it is essential to rinse thoroughly to get all the chlorine residue from the purigen. The manufacturer recommends a min. 8-hour bath of clean water and some aquarium water conditioner; but without aloe vera additive (mucus protection for fish). These additives in water conditioners can render Purigen unusable. Rinse briefly again and then the Purigen is ready for use again.

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