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The AQUA-NOA brand is all about supplying aquaria with CO2. Well-tested technical cCO2 equipment, high-quality materials and precise manufacturing methods characterize all AQUA-NOA products. Company founder and CEO Faruk Cinar has been occupying himself with the production of CO2 equipment since 2005. Back then Faruk Cinar was still working with various companies as a supplier, but in 2015, he founded the AQUA-NOA company. “Quality needn't be expensive”, this is his philosophy. For this reason, AQUA-NOA deliberately does without e.g. expensive marketing campaigns or sophisticated packaging - his products are so good they speak for themselves.

The wide range of select CO2 equipment is mostly Made in Germany, or in neighboring EU countries. Especially all CO2 equipment relevant to safety that is connected with the electrical grid or subject to high pressure, like CO2 cylinders, CO2 pressure reducers, or CO2 night-out valves are produced in Germany/Europe, and in accordance with the most recent EU guidelines. They fulfill all safety regulations to the fullest. AQUA-NOA is in close cooperation with leading European partners and international suppliers in the industry.

Advantages of the AQUA-NOA - products

• safe
• reliable
• easy to use
• economical

AQUA-NOA offers everything any planted aquarium keeper could wish for in the field of CO2 equipment, for the use on a single tank or, thanks to the practical modular concept, for several tanks at once. Individual solutions and in-house developments are realized by AQUA-NOA to enable aquarium keepers to supply their water plants in their aquaria easily and in an uncomplicated way.

The AQUA-NOA product line comprises all technical CO2 equipment necessary for setting up, running and maintaining an aquarium with carbon dioxide.​ AQUA-NOA is proud to offer product solutions for very large tanks as well as for tiny nano tanks, in the field of nano CO2 equpiment. Easy to install and comfortable to use, this CO2 equipment will enable you to run a tank with healthy aquarium plants and occupants that is simply fun.

AQUA-NOA - Spare Parts

Usually we have all AQUA-NOA spare parts in stock and are thus immediately available and shipped to you.
Accidents happen, and in this case, we are there for you very fast and you do not have to worry about downtime of your CO2 system.